Can you BELIEVE this???

We have now started the fourth Paws for Progress course, at HM YOI Polmont, working with dogs from local dog rescue organisations or charities. Most of our students who completed the previous course with us have continued onto this course, acting as peer mentors to new students, and volunteering as class assistants to ensure our sessions run smoothly. This system works very effectively, both by providing the advancing students with additional skills, and by providing additional teaching support for our new recruits.

So what’s the problem??

These continuing students approached me at the start of this course, to discuss four of the dogs we have been working with. These dogs – Harvey, Will, Jake and Quito – have all been involved with us throughout the last course, and despite the very best efforts of the great team of staff AND our students, they are STILL WAITING to find homes.

The students who have worked with these dogs cannot understand why no one has offered them a loving home. And frankly, neither can I. Perhaps it’s because they don’t look ‘cuddly’ – yet we assure you that they are all very affectionate, even if they are bit big to fit on your knee! Consider this…

  • All of these dogs are young and healthy, with lovely temperaments.
  • All of these dogs have received substantial training and socialisation, and have all the life skills needed to be well mannered and a pleasure to be with.
  • In addition to the stunning posters and descriptions of the dogs there are detailed records of these dogs’ progress written by their handlers, so potential owners can find out everything they need to know about them.
  • All of these dogs have passed their APDT Good Companion Awards.

So, as these dogs begin yet another course with us, the handlers who have been trying so hard to help find these dogs homes asked if we could try something new to help people see what amazing dogs they are. The descriptions below were written by their handlers at Paws for Progress….

Read these, and then tell us if you can believe these dogs have all been waiting so long to find a loving home??

Harvey’s handler says

Harvey is without a doubt the best dog I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He loves learning new tricks and our training sessions are always fun. Harvey is always full of surprises and never fails to make me smile.

Harvey is a 3 year old male Staffy-cross, he has a sandy / tan colour coat with a white belly, face and paws, and is without a doubt the best looking dog in Dogs Trust.  Harvey has been on the Paws for Progress course and receiving one-to-one training for 6 months now and is coming on great. He has learnt so much and completed all the training plans I have prepared for him to perfection, proving what a clever dog he is and I am very proud of him.

As well as learning some super cool tricks such as ‘give-a-kiss’, ‘crawl’ and ‘rollovers’, Harvey has also passed his APDT Good Companion Award, which consists of lots of key skills, such as: sit, lie down, leave it, recalls, play manners and many more.  At the moment I am working on target training with Harvey, this is an advanced level of dog training and he has been doing amazingly well.

Harvey is a great dog to be around, and enjoys being around people too, as he loves getting lots of attention. He is also great with other dogs, especially the ladies, it must be his super muscly build, well he has got a body from Baywatch!  Harvey really enjoys going for nice long walks and playing ‘tug’ with his rope toy and football with his tennis ball – yes, mad I know,  but that’s Harvey for you.

As much as I would miss him I would really love to see Harvey get rehomed. He really deserves a loving, caring home and I hope to help him find one very soon.  Harvey is a very likable dog and you will fall in love with him very quickly. If you think you can give Harvey all the things he requires, please adopt him, you won’t regret it. And one last thing. Harvey’s most favourite thing in the world is…. PEANUT BUTTER! He absolutely loves it and it makes an excellent treat for him when he’s been a good boy.

For more information on Harvey please contact us (there are TWO full folders of information about Harvey for you to see!).

*****UPDATE: Harvey was rehomed on 28.06.12. He is doing great in his new home, and his handler is so pleased. ******

Will’s handler says

Will is a 3 year old lurcher with a tanned coloured coat and is a bit of a looker and he knows it! He will strike a pose when he is lying around and when he is chasing some attention.

Will is a very energetic dog who loves nothing more than long runs, fetch and tug of war. He enjoys running around more than anything and is very fast. He would definitely give Usain Bolt a run for his money.

Will is very well mannered and polite. He enjoys socializing and gets on well with everyone he meets. He loves being clapped and lots of attention but he doesn’t crave it, he won’t jump up or get in anyone’s face he’s just a big sook!

Will would prefer a home with a loving family with a big secure garden or somewhere close where he could be let off the lead to burn some energy and have long runs.

So hopefully Will is the dog for you. He is bored being locked up in his kennel and waiting around seeing other dogs come and go. He would make a brilliant pet for the family.

How can you resist this lovely dog?!  PLEASE contact us and ask about Will.

****UPDATE: Will was rehomed on 07.06.12. He is loved very much by his new family, and his handler is very happy.****

Jake’s handler says

Jake is about 1 year old. He is a big dog for only being 1. Jake is a ridgeback cross and he is a golden tanned dog. Jake can be playful at times and is very strong. He is a friendly dog and is calm (unless there’s an especially good toy in sight). Jake is a very good natured dog and is very loveable. Maybe Jake looks like a bit of a fierce dog but he is the total opposite, he is a big softy and great to be around!

Jake is a great dog for listening to your basic commands. He really enjoys all the training and he has been working hard. He even passed his Good Companion award, with flying colours!

I hope Jake gets a nice owner and good home as he so deserves it with all the hard work he has put in.

Please contact us to find out more about Jake.


Quito’s handler says

Quito is a two year old staffy cross and is black and tan in colour and is very playful and will go really well in a home with young people or older children (teenagers), who will play and love the dog. He gets on well with other dogs, although he sometimes gets a bit over excited to see dogs he doesn’t know.

Quito is a very clever dog who works hard for treats or toys and he has also passed his Good Companion Award. He LOVES being busy and learns very quickly, and he would go everywhere with you if he could.

Quito is very affectionate, and is also great at meeting new people. He is really popular with everyone on the course, we just can’t understand why he hasn’t found a home yet.

Please contact us to find out more about this great dog.

Please help us draw attention to these lovely dogs; it would make their handlers so happy to know their hard work has paid off, and their dogs can move onto happy futures in loving homes.

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About pawsforprogress

The first prison based dog training programme in the UK, Paws for Progress was introduced to HM YOI Polmont in August 2011, and continues to operate successfully, improving the outcomes of the young people and dogs involved. Paws for Progress was incorporated as a Community Interest Company (CIC) (SC469108), to build on the overwhelming success of the pilot project. Our aim is “to enhance the well-being of people and animals by promoting and supporting, by whatever means, positive and effective interactions between them”.

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